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Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

An eye examination includes a variety of procedures used to evaluate your vision and the health of your eyes. The tests can be as simple as reading an eye chart to using a high powered lens to examine the structures within your eye. Some of the most common tests include:

  • Retinoscopy and Refraction- These tests allow the doctor to determine your eyeglass prescription. With a lighted instrument and lenses, the doctor will get an estimate of what your prescription may be. Then the doctor will show you a series of lens choices and ask you which of the two makes the letters on the chart look clearer. Based on your answers, your doctor will determine your exact eyeglass prescription.

  • Cover Test- This procedure allows the doctor to see how your eyes work together. It is a simple test that requires you to focus on a small target while the doctor alternately covers each of your eyes. In doing so, the doctor observes how much each eye has to move to fixate the target. The cover test can detect even the slightest misalignments of your eyes that can interfere with binocular vision.

  • Glaucoma Testing- There are several ways that an eye doctor can check the pressure within the eye. Midwest Vision Care, LLC, we do not use the "air puff” test. Instead, we use the iCare Tonometer which requires no drops and is completed in seconds. A tiny probe comes very close to the eye and measures the internal eye pressure. Increased eye pressure can cause glaucoma, which can lead to vision loss.

  • Pupil Dilation- The doctor will use medicated eye drops to enlarge your pupil in order to get a large view of the back of the eye. This dilated view of the internal structures is important for the doctor to determine your overall eye health.

  • iWellness: At Midwest Vision Care, LLC, we won’t settle for less than the very latest in retinal imaging technology. We’ve opted to elevate the level of care we can deliver to our patients by offering the iWellness exam. This state of the art test enables us to uncover pathology otherwise invisible to traditional examination techniques. This advanced technology gives us the ability to detect diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma 7-10 years earlier than through traditional examination techniques.

  • Automated refractions: Have you ever had difficulty with determining "if one is better than two?” when the doctor is finalizing your prescription? If so, then you will love our new automated refracting system. This new technology takes the guesswork out of finalizing your prescription. Rather than worry that you made the wrong choice, this system streamlines this process in such a way that you will find your eye exam with us to be the easiest, most stress-free experience ever.

  • iCare tonometer: If you absolutely dread the puff of air test, then search no more. At Midwest Vision Care, LLC, we don’t do the air puff test. Instead, we have three different instruments that measure eye pressure without the dreaded puff of air. The iCare tonometer is one of the instruments capable of measuring eye pressure. In fact, most patients will tell you they didn’t feel a thing, thanks to the sophisticated science behind the iCare tonometer.

*Additional tests may be performed depending on your particular needs.

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