Advanced Technology


ICARE technology

This device, called a tonometer, measures eye pressure without the use of drops or air puff. It can be used on people of all ages.



This device is a handheld autorefractor. It takes multiple measurements of the front of the eye that aid Dr. Foster in both glasses and contact lens fitting.


This instrument helps Dr. Foster “see” down through the layers of the retina to find issues that typically wouldn’t surface for many years. This helps in early detection and confirmation of many macular, optic nerve and retinal issues. This instrument is also used as part of a screening bundle. These repetitive images help catch subtle changes in an otherwise healthy eye. It can also aid in specialty contact lens fits and measurements regarding corneal thickness.

​​​​​​​Zeiss Clarus 500

Imaging ultra-wide without compromise.

Early indications of disease can often be subtle and difficult to see through direct observation or low-resolution fundus imaging. CLARUS®500 from ZEISSis the first fundus imaging system to provide true color and clarity within an ultra-wide field of view, enabling clinicians to capture high-resolution fundus images from the macula to the far periphery.

​​​​​​​Atlas 9000

Simply Accurate for Maximum Productivity.

The ATLAS System delivers the accuracy essential to today's eye care practice, in a powerful and easy to use platform. With applications including contact lens fitting, abnormal cornea detection and management, and selection of aspheric IOLs, the new ATLAS System is the right choice for reliable real-world results, every time, from virtually any operator.

Macro TRS-5100

Total Refraction System.

This is Dr. Foster's smart phoropter. It speeds up the refraction and allows her to compare old vs new glasses with the push of a button.

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